Last Night’s Storms

I was thankful last night and this morning.  The storms that went through Arkansas and other states just missed my daughter in Texas.   I breathed a sigh of relief that her husband, her and her three children – my grandchildren – were all safe and sound.  As far as I know, my family in Illinois is safe.

Unfortunately, a friend I’ve known for years had a different story.  A good friend of hers is currently spreading her time between multiple hospitals in her night-clothes.  It’s all she has left.  Her house is nothing but a slab.  All her possessions are gone.  So is her husband and two of her nine children.  Several of her remaining children were injured, sent to different hospitals, and she trying to divide her time between them and deal with the losses. Her church, family and friends are bringing her something to wear.  They will be there for her as she literally has to start over minus her best friend and two more pieces of her heart.

Keep all the victims in your thoughts and prayers.   Something like this could easily happen to any of us be it a car accident, tornado or sudden illness.  My best friend’s father died one day when a tree fell on him.  Hug your loved ones and make sure they know you love them. Our time with them is never known.


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