Getting Lax

I have been busy.  Like moving from the time my feet hit the floor until the last milking of the day is done.  On the surface, it looks as if nothing has been accomplished, but I know I’ve done a lot.   I’ve also been battling feeling overwhelmed (another post at a later time) and depressed which I hate. The downside is that I’ve let several things go by the wayside while I was movin’ and groovin’.

My “months” food supply has dwindled to “days”, because it was easier to delay going shopping than delaying jobs that needed to be done (I’ll go tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow…). I put off getting a generator because we hadn’t lost power all winter (!), and I could use that money for things we need now like raised bedding supplies.

I kept telling myself that I’ll replace water, food, feed grain, hay etc.  after I get this done, that done, the other thing done…

Time went by and gradually I forgot about restocking.  A sick chicken, new milking goat, car troubles, a couple of birthdays, camper massively leaking, a goat barn wall that needs repair NOW and more took over my mind.

This morning, between 6:30 and 7 a.m., the power went out three times.  Three.  More than it has in the past year.  We still don’t know why. First, it flashed off for about a minute.  To be on the toilet, and realize you may not be able to flush, was a fast way to wake up.  All the electronics back-up alarms went off.  Immediately, my mind went to how much water I had on hand, and I realized I had no idea.  I always know.  But I didn’t.

The dishes still in the sink, laundry that needed to be done, floors in the house desperately needing a wash, animal buckets/dishes that probably needed a fill raced each other through my brain.   Did I have enough water?  Dear Lord, could I even make coffee?!  Hey, that is a serious issue right there.


No Coffee Joke,


It came back on again, and I rushed to dress.  While washing my face, it went off again.  Grabbing the faucet handles, I turned it down to a bare trickle and finished rinsing my face.  Back on.   Cleaning my teeth was a race – just in case.  Near the end, the power went off again, but came back on right away.  I could hear DH starting coffee before it went out again. Good man.  Or smart knowing how cranky I get without morning coffee.

I finished, left the bathroom and immediately refilled the dogs’ water dish, raced downstairs while the confused pups waited to be let out, grabbed the sick chicken’s water bowl and refilled it.   Back upstairs, pass the dogs with the yellowing eyes, grabbed containers to fill so I had water for the other animals and us.

Rush down the basement stairs, saying “Outside!”, holding the door open, while bursting canines raced through the opening into the kennel, I wondered how much food did I have?  The power flickered.  Perusing the shelves showed me I was a lot lower than I thought.   There are certain foods we always have on hand.  Always.  Seriously.  We always have them.  They’ve become a joke in the house, because we never seem to get low.

We were out.   That was a big surprise.

A few slices of bread and none in the freezer, half a jar of peanut butter when we normally had about 6, canned vegetables were almost gone, no back-up packages of toilet paper …

A quick check outside showed only two bales of hay, 2 bags of chicken feed for 19 chickens, and 2 alfalfa pellets, but no back-up bags of oats, barley, BOSS or minerals for the goats.

I realized that if we’d lost power for more than a couple of days, we’d be in some trouble.  Based on previous experience, I knew this was a very real possibility.  The power flickering without a reason concerned me.  Obviously, there was a reason, but I didn’t know what it was.

In our area, this is careless.  Stupid even.  I don’t like feeling stupid or careless.  DH came down to join me as I let the dogs back in and said, “I have a bonus this paycheck.  Buy a generator.”  I was surprised at the statement but nodded.  He prefers I deal with finances and how to use the money.  He has never shown an interest in preparing much, leaving it up to me, but he was right.  We need one for the well. We went over how much to spend, he helped me pick one (He knew a lot more than I did about it), and it has been ordered.

I am thankful the outage was brief each time.  My only comfort in this is that it’s nice outside, but that has its own set of problems. Tomorrow I get to go over sales circulars and try to get food levels back up.


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