Fun with Goats

Since I wasn’t able to breed my Oberhasli, we planned on buying a freshened Nigerian Dwarf.  I chose that breed, because it has about the highest butterfat content which is better for making certain cheese, butter and so forth.  But for now I just wanted milk.

Nigerians usually give about a quart a day.  The woman I bought her from said she milked 1-1.5 quarts from her as a second freshener (second year of being a milker).  I can’t get anymore than 2-2.5 cups daily milking twice a day.  I thought I had been lied to.

While working outside, I happened to turn and see the ND with her own teat in her mouth.  A few days later, I saw an Ober, head upside down, with her mouth on the teat.  An amusing site, considering an Oberhasli is twice the size of a Nigerian, but also a possible reason why I wasn’t getting much milk.

But were they actually drinking?  And so began our fun…

Round 1: Paper first-aid tape to tape the teats closed.  ND pulled it right off.

Round 2: Taped it a different way.  Nigerian pulled it off.

Round 3: Taped the daylights out of her.  She couldn’t get it off, but the Obers were more than willing to help.

Round 4: Taped her again, but put her into a stall overnight alone.  She got the tape off.  Sigh.

Round 5: After a trip to the pet store to purchase bitter apple spray, I sprayed it all over her teats and udder.  In the morning, her udder had less milk than previous mornings.

Round 6: Taped the daylights out of her udder then sprayed the bitter apple spray on it.   I mean I taped that sucker.  She looked like she was carrying a mummy around.  It was gone the next morning.

Round 7:  I’ll let you know.  I ordered an udder support which is also used for weaning kids off of mama and blocking self-nursers.


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One thought on “Fun with Goats

  1. Oh, that made me laugh. The sheer stubborness of goats is crazy. I wonder which one of you will be the most persistent and win. I’m betting on you, but not counting the goat out quite yet!


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