13 Acres

realtordotcomlisting picture of the propery

Last June, DH and I bought 13 acres of raw land in the South.  There is more for sale next to us; I’m praying we can raise it to 20 acres, so I can start the farm school for children, but financially right now that isn’t possible.  The land has been for sale for a long time, which means there is a chance it may still be available when we can afford to partition more off.   Of course, there is always the chance of it selling at any point.

Each time we have a down payment saved, something happens, and we start over.  We have funds saved for other things, but we’re not touching that money.  We need it for water hook-up or a well and electricity or solar (or all) for the land we own.

I was supposed to have moved down there with the livestock back in December.  We discovered our trailer needed repairing.  The only repair place had a one month waiting list, and it took another month to get the axles made, delivered and installed.  We also added electric brakes with a battery, new tires and redid the wiring  We didn’t get it back until February.

Then, all within a month, DD3’s car had massive issues, so I helped out financially to repair it.  My car went down and needed over $1500 in repairs (still need to redo the rusty fuel lines), and my youngest son needed a car to drive after I was gone, because he was using mine.  We found him a decent used car, and I helped him pay for it.  He is in the process of paying me back.  Then DS2’s car went down.  He was short a bit on the repairs, so I helped him pay for that.  He is also in the process of paying me back.  After all that, I put my foot down, and informed them they needed to save more money than they had been.  I need my money to get a place set-up to retire.  They’re in their 20s.  Get it together, guys.

Yesterday, the weight distribution hitch arrived.  Remaining on the list: replace the Tahoe’s fuel lines; have the hitch inspected to make sure it will work, upgrade or replace if necessary; wait to see if DH is able to go with using the truck (he may have to do a business trip – already stressing on that one due to past behaviors); decide what is going and what is being shipped later (dependent upon DH going or not); rabies titer for my dog; declutter the house and sell items to raise money; along with a few minor things.

Unfortunately, DH didn’t help much on fixing the camper (two person jobs needed to be done), so I may give up on it, sell it and buy an unfinished cabin or build one to live in.  If I can get the camper siding back on and anchored, we can pack it and take it with.  I can finish repairing it once on the land.  To bring it with involves rebuilding a wall and it not being too cold to work with the sealant.  It’s 21°F today.  I don’t think that’s going to happen.   DH will probably have to finish getting the siding on solo, bring it to me, and I’ll finish it.  All the camper options are up in the air.  Praying we can get this figured out soon.  If I don’t get down there soon, I’ll have to wait until Fall.  Moving livestock in high double to triple digit temperatures is not a good idea.



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