Our New Rescue

DS2 has been wanting a Boxer ever since Sir Barksalot passed.   About a month ago, the rescue I fostered for posted a listing for a 1.5 year old Brindle Boxer.   He was seriously neglected and looked like a skeleton with skin.  Our hearts broke when we saw him.  I honestly don’t understand people who take in animals, then neglect them to the point he was at.


This is after he came into rescue and gained a few pounds.  You can’t see it in the picture, but his spine looks like a Stegosaurus spine.

He was tied outside his entire life.  Other dogs were on the property, but apparently they were fed.  When he was fed, the other dogs would steal it.  Needless to say, he is a bit reactive if another dog comes near his bowl.  We’ve already had two fights between him and the Husky after he tried to pull the Husky’s dish from under the island.  All food dishes are now kept off the floor.

We knew he would be reactive to other dogs when we accepted him.  The rescue was on stand-by in case it didn’t work.  Boxers are popular around here, so finding him a home without other dogs would have been relatively easy.

Axl coming home.jpg

Being picked up from the rescue transport and on our way home.

We took his integration very slowly.  He had absolutely no social skills, wasn’t housebroken and only knew how to fight for his food.  The others only took a few days to be fully part of the pack.  He took over a week before we let him around the others uncrated, is still crated at night and when we leave the house for extended periods.  If I am out taking care of livestock, we let him stay with the others.


They were all sleeping together until I grabbed my phone to take a picture: DD3’s Husky, my Dutch Shepherd, DS3’s Malinois/Bulldog mix and DS2’s Boxer.

The rescue had wormed him, but we recently discovered he is still parasite ridden, so we’re on a treatment plan.  Once he is fully healthy again, we will leave him out while we are at the store.  If he does well, the crate will be removed.    Total time for adjustment so far has been about three weeks.

When we fed him, he would try to pull the bowl out of our hands in a frantic manner.  He now knows how to sit and wait until we put his bowl down.  He’s still working on staying until we tell him to go eat which is usually when our hands are clear.  Mainly because he is so enthusiastic about his food, he may accidentally nip while trying to eat. He’s not reactive to humans at all.

In fact, we had to take him to the vet to find out what was wrong with him, because he started losing weight instead of gaining.  His veins were so small (anemic – working on it), it took 3 Vet techs and the head Vet to get blood after 10 tries.  I thought a vet tech was going to cry over how many times they poked him. He didn’t whimper, growl or anything, though at one point he looked like he was passing out.  In fact, his eyes closed and his head went down.  They stopped and gave him a break along with a treat.   When the head vet was called in, he got the blood they needed for tests.  All-in-all, I think he’s fitting in quite well with his new owner.

Tim and Axl 232016




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