That’ll Teach Me

The land we bought was one tract out of about 52+ acres.  They were roughly divided into 20, 17, and 15ish acre tracts.   The tract we wanted had the least amount of pipeline under it (it barely passes under a corner).  It was originally 20, but we couldn’t afford it, so it was divided for us, and the tracts were reconfigured.

I recently posted that the land next to us had been for sale for a long time, and we hoped to buy it or part of it.  Today I discovered it sold.  Nooooo!   That’ll teach me to say something, won’t it?  It’s just like when children are behaving, you mention how well behaved they are, and then they turn into untrained, wild monkeys.  Or you tell the dog rescue, “He’s completely housebroken now.” and promptly step in a puddle of pee the minute you hang up the phone or send the email.

Ah, well.  It wasn’t meant to be.

However, this causes an issue.  The only access to all the tracts was the county utility gate to access the pipeline and the water tower (or whatever it is).  It is kept unlocked for access to what was/is pasture.

Water Tower Fencing

The fencing at the bottom is the only access to the tracts.  There is one gate on either side of the tower that is kept unlocked for pasture access while still blocking people from climbing the tower.  Fun fact:  In his hometown, a teenage DH actually climbed the town tower . When he got to the top, he realized how high it was and had to be rescued. Let’s just say the town and his parents were less than pleased.

We planned on using the access gate and driving across the land to our tract.  That’s how we looked at it to begin with – drove through the access gate, drove the land, then walked it.  We were going to put up temporary fencing to contain the goats, let them out of the trailer into it, and camp on the land while building the perimeter fence, which is needed on one side, and install the entrance gate.  The goats would use the trailer as a temporary shelter.  Once the gate and fencing was up, we would enclose the first paddock and build them a run-in within it.

The land next to us is between our tract and the access gate. Since we have no way of knowing if the new owners are installing fencing, we have to assume they are which potentially puts a monkey wrench in our plans.  We won’t have access to our land without installing our own gate, which means we have no way of getting the trailer and goats onto our land until we do.  It looks like we have change our plans a bit.


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