Fecal Counts on Goats and Sheep

Those who have been following know we raise holistically due to various reasons, and we do have a vet if we need one.  Our farm sales have a separate site.   Part of our self-sufficient journey is doing our own fecals.  Most of the time, I can tell a goat is having issues by a visual check of the eyelids using the FAMCHA chart.

famacha chart

Since we herbal dose each week, it’s rare we have an issue except with one doe.  She had a bad birth, and our vet says her experience is troubled births have health issues in life. I have no idea if this is true or not.  She was born on another farm, and we have yet to have a troubled birth.  God willing, we won’t this kidding season (4 weeks until it starts).

This video explains how to do fecals for those who would like to run their own.  You can watch the whole thing or click on the annotation to go directly to the explanation.  The overall video is a bit long.   I use a printed instruction sheet to do ours, because I really don’t want electronics around goat berries.


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