Poor Man’s Korean Beef Bowl

We decided our power outage recipes could use improvement.  You can only eat sandwiches and canned items so long before you start gagging with food fatigue.  I began hunting down ideas and pinning them to Pinterest (link also under the heart button at the top of the page).   First up is a poor man’s version of a Korean Beef Bowl we found.

Just fyi, she has several yummy looking dishes on her site.   We had 5 people eating, so I had to triple the recipe using homemade “soy sauce” (One day I’ll get that recipe posted.)   This allowed for leftovers for work lunches.  DS3, who doesn’t care much for any “soy sauce” recipe, whether real or fake,  did a “No, thank you bite“.  Yes, even at 20.  His face said it all.  He went and found an alternate dinner.

DS2 thought it was okay.  DD3, who loves all things Asian, inhaled it, but said it had too much “soy” sauce and not enough red pepper flakes.  I’m not a fan of spicy, but I agree with her.  DH liked it, but also said it needed more red pepper flakes and green onions. My portion was minus the rice since I can’t eat it. One day I’ll look for a substitute.

Overall, our family gives it a 4 out of 5 (4 out of 5 people would eat it again – with tweaks).


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