A Trip Down South

Life has been busy, busy.  If you’ve checked out Instagram, you know we took a trip to the land to do some work.    We had to leave early, so we could be back in time for kidding season to start.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a data plan, and had to rely on various free WiFi spots.  Let me say one thing about that: They don’t work.    It was very frustrating and I gave up trying to post updates.  Eventually, I’ll have to switch to some type of data plan, because there isn’t any other means of communication on the property. 

On the drive down, it was a wee bit foggy in some places.



Then we ran into my favorite thing (that’s sarcasm, btw)



I thought pyramids were in Egypt.  Did we take a wrong turn somewhere?


The area where the new gate is going:



Rain clouds moving in


One of the many evil fire ant bunkers.  We will declare war on them soon.


That looks like a tire track.  Oops?



Initial gate installed.  It needs a bit of fine tuning.


Small holding pen going up for the goats I’m bringing on the move.  We ran out of time to build the run-in, because it rained half the time we were there.


Almost half way home and a brake line broke.  All brake fluid was gone and it was a bit hairy until we found a safe place to park.  We pulled into a truck stop that had the number for a traveling mechanic.  From the time we stopped until we were back on the road again was 3.5 hours.  Thank you, Lord!  We were worried we’d have to stay a few days, because it was a holiday weekend.


After that, we made it home safely.  A few days later, kidding started.  My target date to move the livestock down is October, but we’ll see.  Every time I make a target date, something happens to ruin it.


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