Could You Do It?

I saw this news story pass through my Facebook feed, and read there was a “shelter in” warning for nearby residents, but it was lifted fairly quickly.  I asked myself a question and thought about the answer.

Investigation underway into massive fire at SE Houston plant

There have been other times similar fires or chemical spills have caused residents to shelter in.  Things like this don’t make an appointment.  They just party-crash your life and expect you to take it.  No matter how much of a tantrum we throw, they just continue their chaos, and we have no choice but to wait until it is over.

Within a mile from my house there are above ground propane storage tanks from two different companies.  What would happen if they caught fire, especially since there are homes and forest around them?  One of those wooded areas backs up to my current property.  The ground is covered in dead leaves, and a day or two after wet conditions, the forestry fire watch is putting out warnings.

A summer fire warning.  No campfires are allowed and some forestry camp sites will shut down rather than take the risk of an out-of-control camp fire.

If a fire with dangerous fumes or a chemical spill happened in your area, would you have enough  on hand to shelter in for 24 hours?  How about 3 days?  A week?  How would you handle something like this?


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