Government Grid Warnings



I am one of those that believe the government will downplay things to keep the country under control, but I also believe there are those who do want Americans to be able to withstand a situation like this.   

Another warning has come down from the FBI and DHS.  It reverses their earlier position from a few months ago when they downplayed the possibility.  I posted before about the Grid Ex exercise that happened in my area concerning a situation with the grid failing.  Whether people believe it or not, this is a very real possibility.  The government has been warning and talking about this for years.

FBI Warns of Cyber Threat to Electrical Grid.

I want everyone to picture being without power for 2 weeks.    2 weeks is a road bump on the road of life.  It’s not much really, but if you haven’t gone grocery shopping yet, it could become a bad situation for you and your family. If you have medications that need refilling, it could be even worse.  Down to just over the red on your gas tank, but need to drive across town to pick up a spouse or children?  What will you do?

Posted by Daniel DePlanche at 5:08 AM

FEMA recommends 2 weeks worth of supplies for every household.  This includes water, food, medications, personal items, along with pet and livestock supplies.  I’ve posted before that I highly recommend this.  It’s not fear; it’s common sense.  Other than something happening to the grid, there are storms that take out power lines (hard to buy things when the store has no power), water main breaks that stop water and flushing, and other issues that happen in life like finances.

A perfect example: we went from being able to claim three adult children to not able to claim any.  We now owe the IRS a lot of money for this past year.  We will be living on our supply, because DH waited until the last second to do the taxes – something that drives me crazy – and he just found out last night.  I have no time to save because of his delays.  Can you hear our bank account yelping from where you are?  I’m not sure where the rest of the money will come from.

A long term (months) grid down means no water for anyone, because sewage plants and water utilities will only function for so long on back-ups.  Anyone with only electrical means to cook will have problems.  Anyone without back up heat in cold prone areas will have problems.  Think seriously abut your life and what would happen if the power went out for 2 or more weeks.  Could you survive?

of a Shivering Winter Toon


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