Herbalism and Projects

Life has been so chaotic.  I’ll try to bring people up to speed a bit. I’m breaking it into two or more posts.

I finished my herbalist training a while ago, so I’m officially a Herbalist.   I’m working on the website, so it’s not up to speed yet.  Using various techniques on our animals and ourselves, and seeing how well they work — I decided to go even farther.  I’m in Advanced training for  Clinical/Master Herbalist and Certified Nutritionist.  This involve more years of school plus intern/mentorship.   There are too many people who cannot take conventional medications like my family, and my goal is to help them along with anyone else who desires it .  My final thesis/project is myself.  

Mortar and Violet

I did an intake evaluation on my own lifestyle.  It’s a bit hard to see it all written down. Looking at it objectively wasn’t as difficult as I thought.  So far, the hardest part is giving up coffee *hides the doughnut*.  Having an occasional coffee isn’t bad.  Mainlining it in an IV is. Okay, I’m not that bad, but  I drink a LOT of it.  Like I should buy stock and be on a first name basis with Juan Valdez bad.

Other than the dehydration effects, it puts my body in a constant state of “stress”.  Combine that with my daily stress, and my adrenals are overloaded.  Interestingly enough, that has many of the same symptoms as Fibromyalgia.  Since I’ve been diagnosed with this, I plan on investigating further.   I will probably chronicle the journey on the website. (It’s in it’s baby stages, and is part of another project, so don’t be too harsh).

I realized I want to know as much as I can possibly learn.  Education is constant.  All 12 years of our homeschooling books are being replaced by herbal and nutritional reference and textbooks.  We’re talking four tall bookshelves worth of books.  I’m halfway through the first one, and my Amazon wishlist is growing by leaps and bounds. I am locating an experienced mentor who can read my case studies and give me honest critique and opinions.

It’s kind of interesting that I wanted to be in the medical field for so long, and discovered I couldn’t due to vaccines I can’t have.   I was giving up that dream when the road to a different path opened.  While I can’t diagnosis or “treat” symptoms unless I become a Naturopathic Doctor (can’t afford medical school), I am still in the health/medical field.  Just not the way I expected to be.




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