We Have a Date! (Sort of)


We have finally (!) set a date to move myself and our livestock down to our land: November. We can’t do an exact date because of DH’s job.  DS2 has decided he wants to go with me, so I’ve added him into the plans.  I’m grateful for the help he’ll give.  He loves building things and is looking forward to it.

The fun part is now I get to declutter and reorganize the house not only for the things I’ll need right away, but also for the things DH will have to send me using a moving company or drive it down personally.  I’ve decided to use a numbering system:

Box with a #1: Needs to go with me

#2: To be shipped or brought down later

#3: To be moved last

I am going to try to be ruthless and keep a minimum of things. Anything else will be sold.  If we can’t sell it, it will either be trashed or donated.  Some of our back-up supplies will go with me, but a majority will stay here for now.  I will rebuild what I need when I get down there.

I may or may not post videos/pictures of before and after as I do the house.  To be honest, my house is looking like an entire season of Hoarders, so I don’t think I can bring myself to do it.  Seriously, if someone tried to burgle the house, I’d have to pretend the mess came from the break-in. It’s embarrassing.   I won’t let anyone into the house.  It only happened since I began battling Fibro, but with 6-8 people living in a small house, it got out of control fairly quickly.

Our first step is to decide on living arrangements. We are discussing purchasing a new camper or building a small “tiny home” down there and living at the hotel where my son-in-law works until it’s finished.  Problem one with that is we will have two dogs with us.  For several reasons, no one wants to leave them alone on the property.

Our current camper has far more damage than we initially thought.  It will require taking it down to the trailer.  Personally, I’m fine with tearing it apart and rebuilding it.  I think that would be the cheapest alternative, and I can design it any way I want.  It doesn’t have to be perfect inside; it just needs to be livable.  I’m also fine with a used camper that is in good shape.  DH is not.  Each choice comes with its own set of pros and cons.  That decision will also determine what goes down with me and what stays to be shipped later.

Once we’re down there the “To-do” list before DH leaves is (in no particular order):

Build temporary run-ins for animals.  For now the sheep and goats will be together.

Set up temporary living arrangements

Install water tank and rain catchment system

Clear and set-up a “fire ant free-zone” for the dogs.  This may involve concrete.

Build a small greenhouse

Attach solar to whatever we’re living in.  We could probably use a wind turbine as well, but for now solar is fine.

Build a chicken coop and run.  The property does not have trees right now, and there are a lot of birds of prey flying around.  I also need to research chickens for southern climes.

Rent or borrow the neighbor’s tractor (he’s already offered it) and “fix” the area where hay will be planted.  I’d like my own tractor, but if we get a new camper there won’t be any money for it.

I don’t think we’ll get it all done, but we’ll start with the really heavy lifting things and go from there.

4 months.  It seems like a lot of time, doesn’t it?  The cold, which puts me out of commission, will start moving in September, so I know in reality I only have 2 months to get a majority of the work done.  Ack!


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