We Are Here!

I’ll give a quick run down for now, but I’ll go into more details later. We left New England on October 22nd and arrived at the campground near the property late October 24th.  It became too expensive to stay, plus we weren’t comfortable leaving the livestock alone, so we moved the camper onto the land.  I have videos and pictures to upload and stories to tell.  Some will be a couple of months old.  

To say things have not gone according to plan would be an understatement.  The day we left we lost a Jacob ewe to M-worm after weeks of battle to save her.  She had received her health certificate two days prior but suddenly went back down. We discovered things aren’t quite the way we were told they were here which put us in a financial crunch. I’ve added a support page to the site, but we mostly need prayer.

I will bring everyone up to date while I cope with a camper cooktop that burns our food, escaping livestock, coyotes, no water on the land, and so much more.  I have been posting a few pictures on Instagram , so you can check that out in the menu up top. Here is one of the first I took:


Sunset at the end of the workday.


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