The Quandry of Decisions

When we moved down here we had a plan: temporary livestock areas first, rain system, solar, storm shelter, etc. DH seemingly agreed to all of this.  After we arrived and moved the camper onto the land, he began pushing for electric grid hook-up.  This wasn’t in the plans. DH has a bad habit of agreeing, then stating his true feelings after plans are made and implemented. It can be frustrating, but other things kept coming up.

After DH went back to New England, DS3 and I discussed our priorities and found ourselves in a muddle.  Due to finances being tight, because DH didn’t inform me until we were on our way here that he had no more overtime for a year or two – which is unheard of for his job – plus the original estimates for utilities not being close to accurate,  our time line for getting things done went from a few months to over a year.  This is a big issue for us.

Storm seasons is fast approaching, and we live on the edge of Tornado Alley. A storm shelter would be good, so we don’t have to practice our witch killing skills.  I have a feeling a camper won’t work as well as a house.   Triple digit temperatures are coming, and we need an RV cover of some sort to block the sun from heating up the camper.  I have an ewe that is due to lamb starting at some point in February.  Since I hadn’t bred any of my own livestock, I have no supplies for a birth going wrong, because I left them behind.  DS3’s car needed repair then mine. Every time we pick on one thing to work on and/or save for, something happens that brings another thing on the list into the “priority spotlight”.

We need to get supplies for the raincatchment system.  We have an IBC tote, but need other items to hook it all up.  Then I noticed the goats eating the wool of the smallest sheep leaving her with bald spots in very cold temps.  What can I say?  I have weird goats. Getting fencing moved to the top of the list, so we can separate the sheep from the goats.

I have to take pictures to get the youngest ewe registered, but I can’t with her looking like that (endangered breed – very specific registration requirements).  The generator gas began adding up fast, because we have to run it for heat.  The cold and furnace fan kill the camper battery.  Enter solar hook-up, but DH is insisting on electric.

The tent we use for storage had major issues during the last storm and the wind, which we get a lot of, plays havoc with the walls.  Things were soaked, ruined and it made going to the bathroom a concusion-inducing experience.  Seriously, have you ever been hit on the head by a tent pole while on the bucket?  Building a shed, which requires buying the tools, became a priority.  This is constant.  The end result?  Very little has been done.

Last night we were hit by a tornado producing storm with wind gusts up to 50 – 60 mph. We live in a small town. It was Sunday night.  We started looking at what would go flying if the earth augers came out of the ground and we rolled.  I posted in an online group I’ve been a part of for over 20 years, and they prayed until the storm passed.  We came through it with minimal damage.  However, it brought home a point: in a severe storm we have no where to go.

We had to sit down and ignore everything to decide which is the most important thing on the list and what order they need to be done:

Start seeds for vegetables and herbs we plan on growing.

Rain catchment system

Electric so DH will chill (I have very mixed feelings about this. We will be adding solar later)

Lambing jug with protection from hawks

Storm shelter (it can also be used as a root cellar and storage until we build the shed)

Chicken coop and chickens

Raised  beds



Fencing for livestock

Fruit and Nut trees



Play area for children

Farm stand

Herbal office


Kennel area

40 x 100 barn (size not definite)

My son will be building his forge as time and money allow.

Barring any emergencies this list should stay the same… I hope… maybe…



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