New Shed

We’ve been using a tent for storage since we arrived.  Then we discovered 20 mile per hour winds. 

The tent came down and looked kind of like a sick turtle.   We emptied it, took it down and put it back up again – hopefully stronger than before.  It lasted a month.  DS3 duct-taped the heck out of it, and it lasted until it was hit head on by 40 mph winds.   By then the poles were beyond hope and the tent material itself was tearing.


One of the tent vs. wind losses.  The top cover is… somewhere.

Since we had both found jobs, we discovered we had no time to build a shed quickly.   We had to wait until we were both not working.  Every single day we had off invited horrible weather.   We had no place to put anything, and our stuff was getting ruined.

I broke down and did a rent-to-own shed.  I debated, analyzed companies and prices, and checked reviews.  Ultimately, it came down to who had what in stock, how fast could we get it, and could they access us.  I was a bit concerned about the truck getting to our property and if they could unload it since we didn’t have a driveway, plus we live on a single land road.   The local dealer said it wouldn’t be a problem.  I picked a 10 x 20 which was the largest available within our budget and it could be delivered within the week. I also picked it, because DS3 and I could clearly see a future office, computer area or a milking room in the space.


The shed takes up the whole road.



Rolling it off the truck…



How on Earth is he going to do this?  He didn’t put any wheels on it like I was told he would.



Seriously, can I have one of these?



Instead of putting the wheels on the other side, he dragged it across the road, down the entry to the property and across the land to the spot we had picked.   The noise was loud!  I kept expecting it to break.



Putting it into place.  I can’t tell you how long it took us to decide on a spot before he arrived.  In fact, we changed the spot as he was moving it around.



Leveling the shed.  I’ll give him points for getting it pretty level.  Now we get to load it up with all the stuff from the tent plus chicks that are arriving soon.






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