Starting the Rain Water System

Our biggest concern and problem has been water.   If I could change one thing about the land, it’s a water source.  Up until now, we haven’t had a way to put in any sort of system other than the $3000 one the county will do.  That yelping you hear is my bank account.  We decided to go with two different possible systems: rain catchment and self-drilling a well. 

I touched on the water system just a bit on the video I’m currently uploading, but that is after we had already put one IBC tote in place.   This is the install of tote #1.


Getting everything ready to start: tote, level, shovel, cinder blocks,  wood to help level and mallet.


Begin the leveling!


So far, so good…


Awesome leveling job!


He’s doing so good!


Even level diagonally!


Oops. Not so level.


Fixed it.


We both realized some of the blocks are in the wrong place. Oops. Back to the beginning.


All four blocks are spaced correctly and leveled.  The board helped level and will help support the front of the tank.


We lifted the tote onto the blocks.


The final test: is it all still level? This way is level.


Level this way.


This way is also level.


YEAH! He did a great job!


One tote down, five more to go.  I’ll update on the system after we buy the other totes needed and start the gutter system.  I wish it had taken as long as reading this post did, but it was actually a couple of hours.


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