Herbalist School and Disclaimers

In accordance with FDA and other government entity rules: the information and products offered on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  You, and you alone, are responsible for any and all decisions you make regarding the health of yourself, your family, your pets/livestock, your car, the neighbor’s cat (please don’t touch your neighbor’s cat), etc.

For example, I write about using Lobelia, and you decide to take a ton, I am not responsible for you throwing your guts up on your spouse.  (Seriously, do NOT take a ton of lobelia.  You will be throwing up for a while.)


Affiliate Link Notice: Some links may be affiliate links that offer me a small commission which I use to support this site and enables me to continue my education.  This does not raise the cost for you.   The price is the same as without the affiliate attached.  Amazon has instituted a rule stating that after no purchases within a certain time period, the affiliate store will be closed.  You can search Amazon through my store for anything you want to buy.  Please help support this blog.

As far as herbal schools — what is the difference between the two I have linked?

Herbal Academy of New England (H.A.N.E)  focuses on all forms of herbalism: Chinese, Western, Native American, etc.  It is a more “general” school that incorporates what some would call “new age” or “mother earth” type thinking.   The introductory course gets your feet wet.  It gives you basic knowledge to make your own simple recipes, or use the ones they give you, and treat simple illnesses.  You cannot practice with just the introductory course.  The Introductory and Intermediate courses stand alone.  You do not need one for the other, but some amount of herbalist education is needed for the second one.  This course does require you purchase extra books and supplies.

The School of Natural Healing (SNH) is a Vitalist school which includes not only scientifically-based teachings, but also “old-time” practices that science hasn’t proved but have worked through centuries.   It is more “Creator” based, and focuses on prevention along with healing as do most herbal courses.   The link goes to the first level which is mandatory for the rest of the coursework to achieve a Master Herbalist education.   This course is inclusive.  Everything is furnished to you.  The online course has .pdf versions of all texts.  I like having books, so I went ahead and bought them anyhow.  The Master Herbalist exam (MH) is taken at the school in Idaho.  It is very important a MH knows what they are doing, and SNH wants to make sure there is absolutely no cheating on the final.  A minimum grade is required to pass the MH Final.  If you fail, you study and take it again the next year.

Both beginning courses are about 3 months depending on how fast or slow you work.  SNH has a deadline, you get one shot at the tests and the final has to be proctored by someone they can call; HANE is way more relaxed, is more approachable, and you can take the tests as many times as you need to pass (My personal opinion – I don’t think that is a good thing.)

I want to be as knowledgeable as possible, so I will be going through both schools ’cause that is just the way I am.  🙂   I have finished the Family Herbalist course offered by SNH (got a pretty little certificate and everything!) , and am now in the Clinical Herbalist Course offered by HANE (links above and on the Home page).   I have already passed the Intermediate course. Once I am finished with it, I will go back to SNH and work for Nutritional Herbalist certification.

Herbalist do NOT diagnose and treat.  That would be practicing medicine without a license.  We work to bring the whole body back into balance.



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