MSG Sensitivity

I’ve put the MSG listing here for ease of those wanting the list without having to search through posts to find it.  It is a printable .pdf file and can also be saved to your computer.

MSG Printable .pdf file

Unfortunately, I am sensitive to almost everything on the list.  I would also add to these lists:

Rice is almost always coated with an MSG coating.  This applies to all types, but specifically white rice.  I have washed it up to ten times but finally gave up eating it.

Rice flour.  I learned this one the hard way.

Bubba Burgers I kept hoping I was wrong about this one.  I love Bubba Burgers on the grill.   However, I’ve tried them in various ways: plain, on homemade bread, on store bought buns, etc.  I get sicker eating this than I do a plain McDonald’s Quarter Pounder.  I can’t find out why because the only thing on the ingredient list is 100% beef.

Bubba Burgers remains a mystery.   However, we have also discovered I react to GMO Corn.  I had my family conduct blind eating tests on me to confirm this.   If corn was made, I had no idea if it was organic or not.  I reacted to the non-organic corn every single time.   That could have something to do with it, especially if that was included in their diets.

My story:

For years I have been sick.  Sometimes I would have migraines, shake, feel nauseous, feel like my skin was crawling, and have black dots floating in my vision.   Other times I’d feel fine when severe stomach cramps would hit me and I’d be in and out of the bathroom for hours.  It was almost always in the afternoon. No one in the medical field could figure out what was wrong with me.

I realized that if anyone was going to figure out what was wrong with me, it had to be me.  I began paying attention to my surroundings and what I was eating and drinking.  My first clue was Hamburger Helper.  I used to be an “extreme couponer” and had boxes of it that I had bought for $.25  or for free.  I began noticing I felt bad shortly after eating it.  The next afternoon I’d be paying homage to the porcelain throne.

Over time I was able to connect the ingredient Monosodium Glutamate to my illness.  However, avoiding it only helped a little.  I was still getting sick and, to be honest, we were all tired of it.  This had been going on for years. Feeling fine, I’d get ready to take the kids for an outing.  As we left the house, or shortly after, I’d be bent over in pain.  It got to the point my youngest daughter began suggesting I was afraid of leaving the house and, just maybe, it was all in my head.

Since I could not find a common denominator, I began to suspect she was right.  I thought maybe my situation with DH was manifesting itself physically.  I began to think about looking into a mental reason for it.

The turning point came when we were running late one night, and I decided to grab Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner.  Normally, I’d only have one helping.  That night I had two.   Shortly after finishing dinner, I began to feel very bad.  My head was killing me.  I was trying not to throw up.  I’m a night owl, but I felt so bad I figured I was probably coming down with something and went to bed early.

In the middle of the night, I woke up in extreme pain.  I was on my left side facing away from DH.  I couldn’t move.  I could barely catch my breath.  My chest felt like giant hands were squeezing it from all sides.  I could feel my heart beating out of control. It felt like it was going to do an Alien impersonation. The pain was intense.  I couldn’t reach back and poke DH awake.  I couldn’t yell.  I was effectively trapped.  I knew I was literally dying.  I don’t mean I felt like it.  I mean it was a certainty I felt deep within me.  I knew I was. My main thought was I needed to call an ambulance, but I couldn’t.

I don’t know how long it lasted until I could move again.  By the time my heart rate slowed, I could breathe and get up, the clock said 2:45 am.  I was still in pain.  Breathing was still difficult.  My cell phone was downstairs in the basement on my desk.  By the time I managed to reach it, I was starting to feel normal again.  The pain was receding.

I should’ve called an ambulance anyhow, but I didn’t.  I felt like it would be a waste of time since everything seemed to be returning to normal.  Once I was sure I was okay, I went back to bed.  The next day I looked up KFC and heart rate, nausea and pain.  Several articles about MSG and KFC came up in the search.   I discovered that I was most likely having a heart attack due to MSG poisoning/overdose.  I also discovered another piece of the puzzle.

People who are MSG Sensitive usually react to artificial sweeteners.  I remembered when DH had to cut back his sugar intake for health reasons, I switched to diet soda with him for support.  Within a few weeks, I couldn’t think straight, had headaches, couldn’t remember simple things, random bouts of dizziness and more.  I went to the ATM to withdraw cash and I couldn’t remember my PIN. This was before internet electronic banking and debit/check cards.  I did this every few days, so there was no reason for me to forget it.  I could type it into the machine without even thinking about it.

I made an appointment with my doctor afraid I had a brain tumor  or some other horrible disease (hey, you don’t need WebMD for that), and he told me to get off the “diet crap”.  He said I was most likely reacting to the aspartame.  He also stressed to NEVER give it to my kids – ever.  It took weeks for my memory to return to something resembling normal.  It still gave me problems after that, and the doctor said it probably always will.   The damage had been done.

95% of KFC’s menu has MSG.   Even the chicken is injected with it in the form of “flavor broth”.  In fact, almost all commercial chicken is. I was amazed that all this time I thought it only came in one form when it actually comes in many forms.  I also discovered there is no test for MSG sensitivity.  An elimination diet is necessary.

Over months I tested foods to see what I reacted to.  I researched everything I could find.  Our allergist recommended I wear a medic alert bracelet at all times since many medications and enteral feedings contain forms of MSG.  The more accurate name is Processed Free Glutamate Sensitivity or Excitotoxin Sensitivity.    With my earlier reaction to KFC I do not want a hospital making a bad reaction worse.

I was heartbroken to learn I could not attend nursing school.  All required shots contain a form of MSG (processed free glutamate).  No way do I want that injected directly into my blood stream.


1)  It is NOT an allergy like many think.  It is a toxicity.   A poisoning.  It attacks the brain.  It is part of a group known as excitotoxins.

2) If you are MSG sensitive, you will most likely have problems with artificial sweeteners which is also an excitotoxin.

3) All vaccines contain a form of MSG

4) Most commercial fruits and above ground veggies can be sprayed with a product containing MSG.  This even applies to organics, though it is rare.  Wash all very well or peel.

5) Almost every “No MSG” or “MSG Free” item actually has a form of MSG.

6) MSG is in food, body washes, shampoos, medicines, etc.  It is in almost everything.

7) MSG sensitivity is often misdiagnosed as Celiac’s Disease, IBS, and Crohns Disease.  If you are diagnosed with any of these diseases, try eliminating all forms of processed free glutamates.

8) Over time, as the damage is done, the threshold for a reaction begins to drop.

I cannot eat most chicken sold in grocery stores.

Nor can I eat most ground beef, because I also react to “pink slime” or vaccinated/GMO corn fed beef.  Some beef raisers will tell you the grain doesn’t get into the meat.  That’s false.  Those sensitive to gluten will tell you they will react to grain-fed meat.

I cannot eat most processed meats like hot dogs, bologna, etc.  I’ve discovered that Applegate’s Beef Organic hot dogs are fine for me if I eat just one.

I cannot eat most canned tuna, because it contains broth which always has MSG (Unless it’s homemade).  The ingredients must say “tuna and water”.  Nothing else.

Most commercially prepared soups contain a form of MSG, so I need to make it from scratch.

I can only eat organic frozen, canned or fresh corn.  This has more to do with GMO than MSG.

Almost all food needs to be made from scratch including bread, pizza, brownies, cakes, etc.

If I’m “good” for a week, I can get away with a plain burger and fries with coffee from McDonalds, though I shouldn’t because it still does damage to my brain and body.  Last I checked, the fry oil contains a form of MSG.

The only way to know if you are sensitive is to go “cold turkey” for 1-2 weeks.    It is a chemical that causes a drug-like withdrawal when you stop taking it.  I won’t lie.  For me it was freaking hard.  Your body craves it.  I had shakes, headaches, felt horrible, etc. for about 3 days after dropping it from my food.   After a week, for the first time in years, I felt normal.  No pain, no bathroom marathons, no headaches.

I honestly believe our food shouldn’t contain any of this crap.   Whether you feel the effects or not, it is slowly killing us.


One thought on “MSG Sensitivity

  1. Very useful! Was trying to find out about Minute White Rice. I found out tree was Msg in flu shot. Also gt a few shingles from shingles shot. Was told today that Bores Head did not have Msg, heard tat it did. So hard to live with MSG issues. Have struggles for years. If stuffing says Yeast? MSG? I do not have a printer but would like to save your article. I am on iPad !! Carolflats22@verizon .net


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