Well, it has been a while – again.   Things are a bit nuts at the moment.   Continue reading


Sundown Singing

This is what we hear when the sun goes down.  I don’t have a camera with a good microphone, so you may have to turn the sound up to hear what we hear.

We’ve received reports of a bobcat, a mountain lion, wild hogs, and jaguarundis in the area as well.

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The Quandry of Decisions

When we moved down here we had a plan: temporary livestock areas first, rain system, solar, storm shelter, etc. DH seemingly agreed to all of this.  After we arrived and moved the camper onto the land, he began pushing for electric grid hook-up.  This wasn’t in the plans. DH has a bad habit of agreeing, then stating his true feelings after plans are made and implemented. It can be frustrating, but other things kept coming up. Continue reading

We Are Here!

I’ll give a quick run down for now, but I’ll go into more details later. We left New England on October 22nd and arrived at the campground near the property late October 24th.  It became too expensive to stay, plus we weren’t comfortable leaving the livestock alone, so we moved the camper onto the land.  I have videos and pictures to upload and stories to tell.  Some will be a couple of months old.   Continue reading