Support and Plans

What can you do to help support our efforts?  First and foremost we need prayer.  Sometimes the things that go wrong wear us down and we could use a bit of Divine intervention or something to go right.    We found jobs, but being away from the homestead has already led to the death of one animal, and the near death of another.  I need to find a way to earn money from home that does not involve MLM, until we get the farm back up and running.

What if you want to contribute in another way?  While we prefer you spend money on yourself, we know some folks prefer to help in practical ways.  We are humbled by those who do this and pay it forward when we can.

We have several options.

Paypal is also an option.  You don’t need a Paypal account to use it.

eGift cards to Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart and Tractor Supply (where we get our propane) addressed to  If you want us to buy something specific, we will honor that. Lowes can be bought through the Amazon store.

At this point in time we’re working on hooking up electricity, since DH is absolutely insistent on it.  The rest of us wanted solar (I will do solar as well).  He wants a full septic; we were fine with the camper toilet and bucket system.  You get the picture.

When we researched and talked to locals we were told $500-1000 to hook up both water and electric.  After I moved down, we realized they meant “in town”. We are not in town.  Right now our future plans are:

Electric: $1000

We could do this part ourselves for $300-400 for the pole and most of the parts needed, but we don’t have any way of getting the pole here, since DH took the trailer with him. My car is also too low to tow a trailer onto the land until we get the driveway entrance done. Nor do we have the auger to dig the distance required (digging by hand is very difficult), and I stink at electrical.  The utility company also requires a specific meter box ($150 locally). By the time we rented a trailer and tools and bought the materials, it would be almost the same price, but more aggravation for us.

Water: $3000 (This is just for a meter hook-up which surprised us – turns out water is very expensive here.  We’re looking at a DIY well, but there is a natural gas pipeline nearby, so the water would have to be tested before using it for anything.)

Well kit

Septic: $5000

Driveway entrance: $300ish (doing it ourselves – must install a culvert)

Storm Shelter: $6000 (this is a necessity in our area)

Fencing (doing it ourselves): $3-5000

Pond: $3-5k (we’re trying to figure out a way to do it ourselves)

Barn: prefab metal – 20k; doing it ourselves – up to 5kish

House: unknown  DH and I are at odds on this.


Hay shed


Solar panels, inverters, etc.

Blacksmith Forge

Herbal Office

Farm Sales Shed

Square register stand and chip card reader

Milking Parlor and Cheese room

Chicken coops and runs

Turkey coops and runs (we may run both off these off the barn instead)

Adopting two draft horses from a rescue

And that’s just the beginning…

Obviously this will take years to do and will be done as we save up money.  We don’t want to go any further into debt than we are.  As you can see, we need a lot of prayer support.