New Shed

We’ve been using a tent for storage since we arrived.  Then we discovered 20 mile per hour winds.  Continue reading


The Quandry of Decisions

When we moved down here we had a plan: temporary livestock areas first, rain system, solar, storm shelter, etc. DH seemingly agreed to all of this.  After we arrived and moved the camper onto the land, he began pushing for electric grid hook-up.  This wasn’t in the plans. DH has a bad habit of agreeing, then stating his true feelings after plans are made and implemented. It can be frustrating, but other things kept coming up. Continue reading

Grounding Lifted

We removed the chickens from being grounded today, because egg production has not improved.  We know they were definitely laying eggs in the woods, because we would see and hear one singing the egg song, but she would never enter the coop.  This was going on with several of them.

However, comparing the eggs laid this week to last week shows egg production has been about the same.  A group of ten 1-year-old hens are only laying 4-7 eggs a day.  Normal is 8-10.  This hasn’t happened before, so we’re not sure what is going on but will keep investigating.

It could be because the weather is still cold and rainy (a high of 47 today).  It could be the broody Australorp is being obnoxious (no brooding coop).   No food or water has changed.  I don’t see any signs of molting, though they still could be.  We’re kind of at a loss.  We’re not hurting for eggs, so it’s not a huge deal, but if something is going on health-wise we really need to know.




Homesteading is What?

“You’re so lucky.  I wish I could stay home, do nothing and play with animals all day.  You have it so easy with that homesteading stuff.”

If my arm hadn’t been too sore to lift, I may have smacked her through the computer.   I have it easy?  Homesteading is easy?   It was obvious she didn’t fully understand the concept.  I was too tired to explain it.  I’ve also been told “homesteading is so glamorous” like it was a fashion show or something.  I’m still trying to figure that one out. Continue reading

So You Want to Raise Chickens

Once “chicken-less” people learn I have chickens, they believe me to be an “expert”.  I’m not unless you’re talking about my own chickens.   Chickens are amusing to watch, can come when called, and eat ticks and other illness causing insects.  They supply the garden with nitrogen, and mix our compost pile for us. Plus, there is that whole egg and meat thing.   However, there are basics that everyone should know before buying a chicken. Continue reading

Heart, Seeds, Chicks and Projects

Heart ~

Sir Barksalot’s heart recheck went well.  The canine cardiologist said he sounds “fantastic”.  He wanted me to cut the seizure meds in half and see what happens.   After a few days, the Boxer began having odd facial movements.  His mouth would start opening and shutting repeatedly along with slight twitching.   This means it is most likely a tumor. He is back on the full dose.  His monthly medication costs $150+.  We are stretched quite thin now.  The other downside is he now has separation anxiety when I leave the house.  He was making so much noise when I last went to the store, he woke up my son who sleeps during the day (works overnight).

Continue reading