Our Fun-filled Evening


We Have a Date! (Sort of)


We have finally (!) set a date to move myself and our livestock down to our land: November. We can’t do an exact date because of DH’s job.  DS2 has decided he wants to go with me, so I’ve added him into the plans.  I’m grateful for the help he’ll give.  He loves building things and is looking forward to it. Continue reading

Heart, Seeds, Chicks and Projects

Heart ~

Sir Barksalot’s heart recheck went well.  The canine cardiologist said he sounds “fantastic”.  He wanted me to cut the seizure meds in half and see what happens.   After a few days, the Boxer began having odd facial movements.  His mouth would start opening and shutting repeatedly along with slight twitching.   This means it is most likely a tumor. He is back on the full dose.  His monthly medication costs $150+.  We are stretched quite thin now.  The other downside is he now has separation anxiety when I leave the house.  He was making so much noise when I last went to the store, he woke up my son who sleeps during the day (works overnight).

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