Trying Texas Texas Salsa

My son decided to try the salsa and chips DH left behind.  I can’t eat the Fritos, and I’m not a fan of super spicy food.  I know – boring.


“Try this. It Doesn’t Contain MSG”

Have you ever tried to explain an invisible illness or sensitivity to someone who just doesn’t seem to “get” it?  Usually they mean well and are just trying to help.  I have a lot of “helpful” friends.  I still love them, though.  It really is too much for anyone else to remember.  I am always grateful they care enough to try.  Continue reading

We Lost Our First One

Sometimes you wish things would go well.  Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t.  Our herd queen went into labor Sunday.  I checked her at midnight and her cervix was closed.  Monday at 6 a.m., it was open. Continue reading

Fake MSG-Free Soy Sauce Recipe

I’m finally getting it up here!  Yay!   One thing my daughter hated was giving up Asian meals.  She loves them.  We had to hunt down and tweak a replacement for soy sauce.  There are many version on the internet, but here is our fake soy sauce recipe.  We use organic when possible since we tend to react to conventional. When I make it again, I’ll add pictures.  This is the basic recipe.  Sometimes we toss other things into depending on what meal we’re making. Continue reading

Poor Man’s Korean Beef Bowl

We decided our power outage recipes could use improvement.  You can only eat sandwiches and canned items so long before you start gagging with food fatigue.  I began hunting down ideas and pinning them to Pinterest (link also under the heart button at the top of the page).   First up is a poor man’s version of a Korean Beef Bowl we found. Continue reading