Starting the Rain Water System

Our biggest concern and problem has been water.   If I could change one thing about the land, it’s a water source.  Up until now, we haven’t had a way to put in any sort of system other than the $3000 one the county will do.  That yelping you hear is my bank account.  We decided to go with two different possible systems: rain catchment and self-drilling a well.  Continue reading


We Are Here!

I’ll give a quick run down for now, but I’ll go into more details later. We left New England on October 22nd and arrived at the campground near the property late October 24th.  It became too expensive to stay, plus we weren’t comfortable leaving the livestock alone, so we moved the camper onto the land.  I have videos and pictures to upload and stories to tell.  Some will be a couple of months old.   Continue reading

My Egg Cup Runneth Over

14 dozen eggs.  That’s how many eggs I had after being able to finally function. I was out of commission the past few weeks.  I was barely able to get animals taken care of.  The hot days were fine, but when the cold damp nights hit, my knees went crazy as did the Fibro.   By the time I could start functioning about mid-day, the cold and damp were moving in again a couple of hours later.  Such is summer in our area of New England.  Unfortunately, keeping on top of eggs went by the wayside. Continue reading

We Have a Date! (Sort of)


We have finally (!) set a date to move myself and our livestock down to our land: November. We can’t do an exact date because of DH’s job.  DS2 has decided he wants to go with me, so I’ve added him into the plans.  I’m grateful for the help he’ll give.  He loves building things and is looking forward to it. Continue reading

Collars and Green Slime

Fun-filled, exciting night. Okay, maybe the fun part isn’t true except where the birthday is concerned. It’s birthday week: eldest son, youngest son and eldest grandson.  Last night, we were celebrating the eldest son and the youngest son was opening his presents since my eldest couldn’t come back up for a while due to his work schedule. I spent most of the day shopping for food and doing the usual preparations around outside work.

Since the goats don’t have horns and look alike, they wear collars so I can identify who is who and have something to grab on to when I need to. I was in the yard checking water since our state has decided to be it’s usual fickle self concerning weather, and it had shot up to over 80 degrees. I left the enclosure and happened to see an older goat kid trying to play with one of our new horned lambs, and his collar got caught on her horn as she jerked back.

Continue reading

We Lost Our First One

Sometimes you wish things would go well.  Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t.  Our herd queen went into labor Sunday.  I checked her at midnight and her cervix was closed.  Monday at 6 a.m., it was open. Continue reading