The Quandry of Decisions

When we moved down here we had a plan: temporary livestock areas first, rain system, solar, storm shelter, etc. DH seemingly agreed to all of this.  After we arrived and moved the camper onto the land, he began pushing for electric grid hook-up.  This wasn’t in the plans. DH has a bad habit of agreeing, then stating his true feelings after plans are made and implemented. It can be frustrating, but other things kept coming up. Continue reading

We Are Here!

I’ll give a quick run down for now, but I’ll go into more details later. We left New England on October 22nd and arrived at the campground near the property late October 24th.  It became too expensive to stay, plus we weren’t comfortable leaving the livestock alone, so we moved the camper onto the land.  I have videos and pictures to upload and stories to tell.  Some will be a couple of months old.   Continue reading

Got Lice?

I wrote this for my practice’s site, but I thought I’d share it here as well.  It’s about that time of year again.   The original post is here.

Lice.  The word makes me shiver.  It doesn’t bother me as much if my livestock get it, because it is species specific.  I know how to control it on my animals, and I’m able to do preventative care.   Children socializing with others — not so much.

Continue reading

Checking Out Campers

We haven’t decided which way to go on our living arrangements on the land.  DH and I checked out some campers, but quickly forgot what we liked and disliked about each after an afternoon of shopping.  This time I went to record the pros and cons of each, and I took my 23 year old son (DS2) and 25 year old daughter (DD3) with to get their input.  The 21 year old was invited, but didn’t want to go.

This was mainly posted for family to see the two “kids” as well as the campers and for anyone curious about our family.  Expect weirdness.  Just sayin’.